Delivering Toothbrushes and Smiles Worldwide.

About Us

Todd and Joselyn Miller wanted to give back to the people they had met along the paths that have taken them to over 70 countries and all 7 continents together. They’d seen many of the world’s great landmarks, but it was the people and their smiles that left a wonderful, warm impression on them. Global Grins was the perfect way to help make those smiles more brilliant and to provide a simple, yet powerful means to better overall health.

Todd and Joselyn: Great Wall of China, 1984

Todd and Joselyn: Mt. Everest Base Camp, 2008

The Global Grins team is dedicated to providing toothbrushes to as many impoverished persons around the world as possible, many of whom may be receiving their very first toothbrush. We will repeat shipments as necessary.