Thank you for considering a gift of toothbrushes to those that are truly in need of them!
Just think, a donation of $1 can supply a family of 5 each with a new toothbrush!
A donation of $100 can supply an entire village of 500 each with a new toothbrush!
Your gift will not only deliver smiles, it will improve the overall health of those you are helping. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, it is greatly appreciated!

We are a non-profit corporation (501)(c)(3), which makes your donation tax deductible. If your gift is $250 or greater, you will receive a receipt from us stating the amount of your donation, as required by the IRS.


Please use our secure checkout


Check – Please send your check, made out to Global Grins, Inc., to:

Global Grins, Inc.
2102 Business Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92612

(Be sure to include your name, address and email address, so we can send your receipt.)

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